Epoxy Floor Coating

The benefits of sealed flooring cannot be stressed enough. Especially for industrial complexes, warehouses, and production facilities, where a number of heavy equipment and machinery is transported daily, ensuring a clean environment is critical.

Here a few benefits of opting for epoxy floor coating & painting services:

  • increased overall factory visibility
  • easier cleaning & maintenance protocols
  • no build up of dust, dirt, grime or grease
  • general protection of floor surface from heavy traffic
  • reduced cost of cleaning/replacements/floor maintenance

Our institutional and industrial painters are epoxy floor coating specialists, with a lifetime of experience in factories, manufacturing plants, production facilities and distribution centers. From experience, we know that urethane and epoxy coatings increase light reflectivity by up to 300%, brightening and lighting up the workspace to maximize productivity. As painters in the industry, we realize that sometimes the subtlest upgrades have the most profound affects.