Interior/Exterior Painting

Pesada Painting are a group of well-known industrial painters that approach every project with diligence and an attitude characterized by conscientiousness. Commercial, institutional and industrial projects more often than not require both interior and exterior painting. Although there are minor differences in the equipment, machinery and industrial painting techniques between the two, the fundamental work is the same.

We have experience preparing, priming & painting:

  • secondary containments
  • tank linings
  • floors
  • silos
  • factory ceilings, walls & roofs
  • pipe racking
  • oil/fuel metal storage tanks
  • ground storage tanks & structures
  • exterior metal siding
  • machines/heavy equipment
  • crane rails
  • and more

Our devout team of industrial painters truly believes that whether it’s interior or exterior, painting your facility has countless benefits. We also understand that sometimes the process of painting particular parts of your facility can be disruptive to your daily operation. For this reasons precisely, Pesada Painting works closely with you to carefully plan and manage each project in an attempt to minimize unnecessary interruptions.