There are a number of benefits of repainting the exterior of your commercial plaza or office building. Whether we like it or not, we must accept that most people will judge a book by it’s cover, or a business/residence by it’s exterior visual appearance. To spin this in your advantage, Pesada Painting recommends considering undertaking a commercial painting project. From our experience as practiced commercial painters in Ontario, we know the value that a well maintained property and building would bring to your business. Restaurants, gas stations, hotels, motels, office complexes and shopping centers all need to attract customers, and as such, need to be visually appealing.

Repainting your commercial building can have the following benefits:

  • enhanced exterior visual appeal
  • better protection against the elements
  • increased employee morale, retention as well as productivity
  • preventative measure against chalking, cracking, blistering and mildew/algae build up on exteriors

As a commercial painting contractor, Pesada Painting has the manpower, infrastructure and scheduling capabilities to complete sizeable commercial painting projects on a tight schedule. We are equipped to paint both interiors & exteriors including commercial ceilings, walls and roofs.